Speed ​​and distance : which Hoverboard to choose ?

Hoverboard speed and distance: How long does the battery last? How fast is a hoverboard? How far can I go with a hoverboard?


The speed and distance your hoverboard will be capable of are certainly criteria that you’ll want to consider before buying your hoverboard. Some specific models have a range exceeding 20 kilometres, but most self-balancing scooters manage a respectable average of 15 to 20 km. As for speed, no hoverboard exceeds 20 kilometres per hour, and that’s enough! There’s no need to be a danger to others and especially yourself. Enjoy 15 kilometres per hour. You’ll find it will be more than enough fun on your red hoverboard, your blue hoverboard, or whichever you choose.

Of course, these figures are estimates and may vary depending on the person riding the hoverboard.

Additional features: Hoverboard GPS, Bluetooth speaker, activation keys and remote control

Some hoverboards (which look more like Segways) are equipped with handlebars, and also have GPS. These models are upscale and rare on the market. The classic hoverboard will, in almost all cases, have no integrated GPS. However, the classic 6.5 inch wheel hoverboard is available with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to listen to your music in transit. You will also have an activation key, which works on the same principle as a car, and a remote driving control, which supplements the smart balance. You then decide whether to use the remote control or your body to steer your hoverboard.

The hoverboard in summary…

It’s a technological breakthrough. A hot, new and very promising trend. It still has some flaws but there’s a lot of quality, too, so you need to think carefully when buying your hoverboard, and take your weight and daily transportation needs into consideration. You should also check that the product conforms to European standards, as all the hoverboards you’ll find on our website do. Be sure to take note of the battery and charger brands, which should meet the standards of the country in which you live. Also, remember that the hoverboard is still fun, new and exciting, so we strongly advise that you wear protective gear when you start to use your hoverboard.